About Us

In January of 2012 Bob Weir, (former owner and founder of ACE LTD. USA, aluminum rifle stocks), debuted a picatinny rail mounted electric chainsaw on an AK47, a chainsaw that he custom fabricated just for SHOT Show 2012. “I had intended the Zombie X Chainsaw Bayonet to just be promotional, item for the show, just to attract attention to our booth, but after such an overwhelming acceptance and bravado, we could see by the second day, that we were going to have to manufacture them”.

Panacea X LLC, a Nevada organized LLC, was formed in March of 2012, primarily to bring the Zombie X Chainsaw to market.

Bob Weir is an avid outdoorsman and quasi adventurer and inventor/entrepreneur; so keep watching the Panacea X web site for new high quality, durable and well tested products that will help you succeed and have fun in your adventures!

Mission statement:

Panacea X will produce and bring to market only the highest quality, durable, functional and well tested products. We will stand behind our products and back up our products with one of the highest level of warranties in the industry; all products manufactured by Panacea X are guaranteed to be free from any manufactures defects for the life of the original purchaser. It is our goal to sell only the highest quality products that we would fully recommend to a friend or loved one.

We would like to have your business and will do most anything in our power to keep our customers satisfied. Thank you for your business!


My intention for all of the gun parts, machetes, knives and survival tools I have designed is that they would be used only in a conscious way, and that is with respect for plant and animal life.

It is my intention that the survival tools and inventions designed by me, Robert F. Weir and manufactured through Panacea X LLC, will not ever be used as an offensive weapon.

Further, that these tools will be used in accordance with the law when taking animals for food, and ethically as they are used to forage for useful plants and animals. Take only what you need, replant/reseed where possible, improve habitat where you can.

If we the outdoor enthusiasts, that are out there enjoying it, cannot protect it, or help it to flourish, then who will?

When conducting a simulated wilderness survival training, or foraging for wild foods, take only 1/3 of the crop available. If you only found one plant in your whole area of operation, don’t take, help it! Weed around it,(reduce its competition) open up the canopy above it a little bit, dig around its roots and loosen the soil. Water it! To me it feels truly satisfying to do this, even though I only do this once in a while. Another example when harvesting wild onion or Soap root for example, you can cut off the lower small section of the bulb with the roots on it (the part you normally throw away or compost at home), and carefully put it back into the hole you dug it from and then rebury it, with a little water, it will usually regrow.

Of course, my Chainsaw Bayonets seem to be an extremely horrid and terrible weapon. Yet when people see it, they react with humor and smile and laugh, as I had intended it! A Chainsaw bayonet is so over the top and absurd, that it is humorous! That is my intention for this device to bring in humor, and fantasy to people, it is intended to be just for fun.

There is an old Cherokee wisdom that I like and utilize often, as I tread on a gray line between two worlds, with my inventions, and that is this:

After a child sees his parents having an argument, he decides to ask his most trusted mentor about it. “Grandfather, why do people fight?”. “Well” the old man replies “we all have two wolves inside us, you see. They are in our chest. And these wolves are constantly fighting each other”. The eyes of the children have grown big by now. “In our chests too, grandfather?” asks another child. “And in your chest too?” asks a third one. He nods, “yes, in my chest too”. He surely has their attention now. Grandfather continues. “There is a white wolf and a black wolf. The black wolf is filled with fear, anger, envy, jealousy, greed, and arrogance. The white wolf is filled with peace, love, hope, courage, humility, compassion, and faith. They battle constantly”. Then he stops. It’s the child that asked the initial question that can’t handle the tension anymore. “But grandfather, which wolf wins?”. The old Cherokee simply replies, “the one that we feed”.

Please do your part for yourself and the world and feed the White Wolf.

Also remember this old Japanese adage:

“It is better to light one candle then curse the darkness.”

Pick one thing you can do to help, and burn bright!

One more profound item I found:

We see what we believe.

So believe in good things! Belief and imagination are the two most powerful “powers” that we humans have.

We can do great things if we believe we can.


Bob Weir